Aviary Photo_130649678001845455Chelsea is a Master’s student co-advised by Dr. Mya Breitbart and Dr. Kristen Buck at the College of Marine Science within the University of South Florida. Her current research focuses on examining the role of marine bacteriophage to act as an iron-binding ligand at natural seawater concentrations, as well as investigating the acquisition of bound iron from bacterial hosts. She graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, as well as Biotechnology from the University of Central Florida, where her undergraduate research focused on determining the role of essential ribosomal proteins produced by genes in E. coli for which the function is otherwise unknown.

Being a St. Petersburg, Florida native, Chelsea enjoys spending her free time on the water diving, paddleboarding, and fishing. She has always felt a connection to the ocean, and is excited to work on a project that combines a love of microbiology with marine species and their associated viral interactions. She enjoys volunteering with youth to make scientific research more accessible and understandable.


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